Here’s hoping a good year for all!

Mark these dates on your calendar, for all your redware and delftware needs.

2019 show schedule:

Market Square The Oaks, PA Feb 3-4
Artspace Pottery and More Sale Greenfield, MA Mar 1-2
 AVPT Pottery Trail Shelburne Falls, MA Apr 27-28
 Austerlitz Blueberry Festival  Austerlitz, NY  July 28
Colonial Market and Fair  Mt Vernon, VA  Sept 14-15
Eastfield Village Founder’s Day  Nassau, NY Sept 21
Waterford Fair Waterford, VA Oct 4-6
The American Craftsmen Show
Ridgefield, CT Nov. 2-3
Home Holiday Sale
Shelburne Falls, MA Nov 25-26

Thanks for the interest!

And always remember:  When you buy from a local artisan, your entire community benefits:

  • Spending $100 locally means $68 stays in your community.   But spending $100 at a national chain store, and $57 walks out the door.
  • Keep it local, and more of your tax dollars are reinvested in your community–where they belong.
  • Also, buying local means less packaging, less transportation, and a smaller carbon footprint.
  • And don’t forget, local artisans are your friends and neighbors—support them and they’ll support you.  Artisans donate to charities at more than twice the rate of national chains.

More independent arts means more choice, more diversity, and a truly vibrant community.

So come good people, and celebrate local culture!





One Response to “Events”

  1. Janet Derington Says:

    Possible to bother you with identifying a vase I can only describe as – victorian toward Arts and Crafts, New Orleans pre-Newcomb, experimental (with instructions, names(?) backstamp under glaze, frogskin, salt or tin high glaze, George Ohr type fan top (but not Ohr) and majolica (applied floral and leaf decor). You can appreciate, I’m sure, the directions this has led me in – all to no avail. Well, not entirely, I’ve leaned more about potting, potters, and potteries than I ever intended.
    BTW, I truly am enjoying your blog this morning, wish I had come upon it two months ago. If you can help me, and I believe you would be able above most others, I would oh so greatly appreciate it. I cannot pay for the service with cash, as my intent is to sell some things to raise money for my son’s wedding gift. (Ha, that was early October) Guess I’ve been at trying to i.d this for three months, now. However, my husband is an expert fly tyer and that means something in your “neck of the woods”, would be happy to send some beautiful flies, some too nice to fish with, some too nice not to!
    Thank you in advance for any assistance. Hope this doesn’t have to go on your public site, but is okay if that’s the only way you can respond.
    J. Derington (forgot to mention, have about 15 pics to send if u can or will accept)

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