Vacation Time

Back in the day, there was no such thing as vacations, at least for potters and the like. Most were also farmers, or at least tended farms and farm animals, which meant they rarely, if ever, traveled much. So, the spring was spent dealing with planting. Fall was harvest time. Summer could also mean splitting logs for fence railing, collecting rags, doing road repair, or whatever else was their lot. Winter could be logging. This was a good time to travel, as the roads were frozen, and not rivers of mud…

Fortunately, we live in modern times where all the conveniences of modern life conspire to force us to work all the time, even in the winter. But, from time to time, family duties come first. And so it is this week for me.

This week I am on vacation. I will be adding new and fascinating posts to this journal in the weeks ahead. But for now, I offer you an image of a jug I recently made. The saying was originally found on an English transfer print pitcher from the late teens of the 19th century.

Go out and have fun!

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